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Apple’s 3D map vs Actually Being There

When I saw the 3D map in Apple’s latest iOS 6 features video I thought it was funny to see they show off this new feature by flying around the Transamerica Pyramid. It’s a view I know pretty well!

I can see how the 3D feature could be handy for scouting out aerial locations to shoot from ahead of time, but you don’t get the sense of perspective that you get from using different lenses. It’s a little whacked.

Here’s a comparison between what I can see in the new Maps App on my iPad and what I actually shot from almost the same position. In my aerial shot the Transamerica Pyramid seems to be shooting out of the ground and is far more dramatic. Needless to say, I still like my shot better.

The top picture is a rendered view of the Transamerica Pyramid from iOS 6 Maps 3D.

And this second one is my shot taken from a Hughes 500c helicopter, with a Canon 5D Mk2 16-35mm at 16mm.

I recently got an ipad, and it’s been very useful to have on shoots. In the back of the helicopter an ipad is lot more convenient for notes and shot lists than bits of paper blowing around.

I used a great free App GPX Master to track the path the helicopter flew, and then used the GPX file it created to geotag all my images. You need a separate program on your PC or Mac to do the geotagging, but there are quite a few to choose from.

Check out the screen shot, the ipad is pretty accurate with the GPS position, and for the 2 hour shoot the GPX Master App used up about 20% of the ipad battery life at the highest accuracy settings. Not bad !