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A couple of weeks ago I did a dusk shoot over San Francisco - Something that really challenges the limits of even the newest cameras. I have a bunch more editing to do, but here’s a taster.

This is shot on a Canon 5D Mk3  at 1/40 second  10000 ISO !

Happy 75th birthday Golden Gate Bridge ! Here’s another tilt-shift shot of one of the worlds most iconic bridges.

Who knew that Alcatraz had loads of solar panels on the roof of the cell block? The National Park Service is using renewable energy in some of it’s over parks too.

Here’s a view looking straight down on to the exercise yard.

I was going to shoot some tilt shift shots of Alcatraz Island, but one building or water tower is covered in scaffolding and protective covering at the moment, so the island doesn’t look great from the air :(

Looking straight down on a junk yard in Hayward, CA. I love that they’ve laid the cars out in a herringbone pattern.

Salt ponds near the Dumbarton Bridge, San Francisco Bay.

These ponds can range in color from pale green to bright red depending on the salinity of the pond.

I’ll have to spend some more time shooting the vibrant colors and the abstract shapes these salt ponds make. I want to go back again for another shoot when they are bright red !

Last Thursday was a perfect day for an aerial shoot. Speck (who make the awesome ipad case I use) filmed me for a video testimonial for their web site. 

I’ve added another San Francisco land mark to my Tilt-Shift Series :-)

I’ll have quite a few more images and some video to post soon. Stay tuned!

An early morning shot of Interstate 580 and State Route 24 in Oakland. I like how the red mini stands out against the grey of the freeway.

Miniature Freeway on Flickr.

Another real Tilt Shift shot. This time a freeway interchange in the East Bay.